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Our Precast Services


We’re proud to be certified precast producers for the National Precast Concrete Association and the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Our products include:

Custom-Produced Reinforced Earth and Structural Wall Panels: Ideal for use in retaining wall and noise-reduction applications.

Redi-Rock Decorative Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks: A great fit for larger wall applications that still need a decorative touch. We offer three different textures of block in multiple sizes and colors to meet job specifications. The mass and strength of wet-cast Redi-Rock blocks creates a strong, durable wall that is ideal for commercial, residential, transportation, and even marine applications.

Redi-Scapes Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks: Designed for installation by hand for smaller wall applications. Redi-Scapes are easier to install without equipment, yet still provide a pre-engineered retaining wall solution for commercial applications.

Pole Base Precast Solution for Light Pole Installations: This pre-engineered product is custom cast to fit the electrician’s needs for wiring conduit and allows quicker installation of light poles compared to cast-in-place options. We also offer decorative ledgestone textures for a unique look.

Septic Tanks and Grease Traps: Available in various sizes and designs for both commercial and residential on-site septic systems.

Catch Basins: Available in multiple sizes in knockout configurations.  Risers are also available for customizing depth.

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Our Story

We believe that hard work and integrity are the foundation of a strong organization. For more than 80 years, we’ve been committed to bringing prosperity to our employees, clients, and community through our work in the construction industry. Our values have helped us grow from the ground up, guiding us as we’ve expanded from a single employee to more than 700 strong. But our story isn’t inspired by numbers; it’s influenced by people. It starts with one man’s mission and continues with a thriving enterprise that has helped shape the progress of an entire region. We’ve built our story–now let us build yours.