Ready Mix Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of this agreement shall supersede any terms and conditions agreed to previously for the above referenced project. All deliveries and services are subject to these terms and conditions as well as any additional terms listed on the delivery ticket, quotation, or electronic ticketing systems.

  • COVID-19 Mandates: Blalock Ready Mix (Blalock) does not currently require COVID-19 vaccines among workers. If Blalock is required to meet federal, state, local, or job-specific mandates concerning vaccines, masks, or other restrictions imposed by contract or purchase order related to our scope of work, Blalock reserves the option to adjust pricing to cover these related costs or be release from contract or supply obligations.
  • Payment: Quote is subject to raw materials availability and any escalation indicated on the first page. Payment is due by the 10th of the following month with credit account in good standing. Overdue balances negate quotation prices. All material prices are presented FOB Jobsite and do not include sales tax. Prices presented already reflect a 3% cash or check discount. All other forms of payment may not receive this discount. Prepayment or a valid credit card for preauthorization is required for C.O.D. orders. Prices not valid for other products or projects.
  • Electronic and Laser Printed Ticketing: Any disputes over electronically-confirmed deliveries must be reported to Blalock within 48 hours of delivery. Trucks will be tracked with GPS as further assurance of delivery, and failure to accept or electronically sign delivery tickets in the app does not relieve the customer from payment obligations (no physical signatures will be collected without paper tickets). Please note, some customers (i.e. TDOT) may require the use of electronic ticketing. If electronic ticket systems are wholly or partially unavailable, paper tickets or other telematic recording systems may be used to document jobsite events and pour information as the official record. Customers receiving laser printed tickets agree that the water additions and other jobsite notes may only be recorded on the signed copy retained by Blalock drivers or by electronic sensors for digital ticket systems, and the information recorded on this copy or electronic database will be the official record of delivery.
  • Scheduling: Concrete scheduling is done on a first come, first serve basis. Current labor shortages are requiring longer lead times for concrete orders. Blalock does not guarantee or offer any “hold spots”, yardage allotments, or standing daily orders in scheduling, and cancellation fees may apply to orders that are cancelled or reduced without advanced notice. Order slots are scheduled for the locations and quantities given by the customer on the initial order placement. Blalock may not be able to accommodate changes in pour location or order size after initial scheduling.
  • Pricing and Availability: All pricing is subject to raw material availability at the time of purchase. Blalock will make every effort to have materials available for all jobs, including stockpiling where feasible. However, Blalock will not be responsible for any costs or penalties associated with material shortages or supply chain issues. Blalock strongly recommend that all customers assume that fly ash will not be available when estimating project costs and factor listed price increases for straight cement mixes into any cost calculations. Furthermore, due to material shortages, Blalock cannot guarantee compliance with any minimum fly ash or other material content requirements as related to LEED or any other environmental design criteria Blalock reserves the right to change material suppliers, with notice, for any mix components if required to maintain supply for all projects. Specialty additives and products may require prior payment and minimum order quantities for stocking. Quotes assume all admixtures and additives will be added at the plant as part of the normal batch cycle. All quoted prices expire 10 days after the quotation date without written acceptance. Blalock will not accept charge backs due to delays.
  • Testing and Quality Control: Concrete acceptance testing will be conducted at the point of discharge from the mixer truck per ASTM C-31. Concrete must be sampled and tested in accordance with all applicable ASTM and ACI standards. All test specimens must be protected against damage from temperature, sunlight, wind, tampering, and other detrimental jobsite conditions. Blalock Ready Mix will only be accountable for a plastic air specification, not a hardened air specification. Furthermore, all customers should expect some fluctuations in concrete air content due to carbon content for mixes containing fly ash. All mixes are designed on a 4″ slump unless noted. Blalock Ready Mix not responsible for diminished quality due to increasing slumps without the use of water reducing admixtures. Blalock Ready Mix will not be held responsible for color variations due to finishing techniques, required source material changes, or natural variations in raw materials (including color compounds). Customer is responsible for any and all testing expenses beyond original submittals. Ambient temperatures may require the use of hot or chilled water or ice at additional costs. Blalock Ready Mix not responsible for mix quality if additional products are added on site by the customer.
  • Washout Area: Customer must provide suitable on-site washout area for all concrete mixers and pumps and will not hold Blalock Ready Mix responsible for debris. Washout areas must be constructed in compliance with applicable environmental regulations. Blalock may refuse service or apply fees if suitable washout area is not provided at point of pour.
  • Site Access: Customer shall provide safe and reasonable access to all necessary areas of the project site. Pumps, cranes, conveyor mixers, and slingers require a flat area suitable for supporting and operating equipment within all manufacturer, OSHA, and industry standards. Customer shall provide traffic control if required. Customer is responsible for providing protection to private property from splatter and ricochet damage that can occur from pump and slinger discharge and restrict access around crane swing radius during lifting operations. Customer will provide street cleaning if required due to track out from jobsite, pump overflow, or slinger runoff. Equipment and trucks can create significant loads to ground and finished surfaces. Blalock Ready Mix shall not be responsible or liable for damages incurred beyond the curb. Customer is responsible for all towing and recovery costs for trucks and equipment mired on jobsite, including any concrete lost due to delays caused by access issues. Additional fees may apply to jobsites with enhanced delivery risks, maximum load limits, or truck washout restrictions.
  • Pumping and Priming: Customer is responsible for costs related to mix design changes to facilitate pumping, including but not limited to changes in aggregates and admixtures. All line pumps require fine gravel grout mixes. Additional steel or rubber system beyond the boom tip will require cement grout from the ready mix supplier to prime the pump. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a safe, adequate priming area and to keep this area free of other employees during the priming process. Customer is also responsible for fall protection and all other OSHA safety requirements on the jobsite. All noted boom lengths represent vertical reaches. Actual front and side reach, as well as outrigger spread, is dependent on jobsite conditions.
  • Acts of God, Penalties and Deductions: In any event of raw material shortages, labor shortages, global pandemics, or other disruptive events outside the control of Blalock Ready Mix, Blalock reserves the right to evaluate the distribution of concrete orders and is not responsible for any project delays or costs resulting from such events. Blalock Ready Mix will not be responsible for any deduction amounts greater than the quoted price of the concrete materials. No back charges are accepted for “second jobs” for cranes, slingers, or pumps. Customer assumes all other deduction liability.
  • Standing Time and Extra Call Backs: Any orders that exceed the original order quantities by more than one call back or finish load may be assessed a fee for extra loads.

These items are things which the purchaser or finisher must conform to in order to obtain the best possible concrete work:

  • Weather: No concrete should be placed in cold, hot, windy, or dry conditions, or any combination of these conditions, without taking proper precautions per American Concrete Institute (ACI) recommendations.
  • Slump: Concrete slump and water/cement ratio should be kept to a minimum at all times. In no case should any slab be placed with a slump over 5 inches without additional additives to reduce water demand. Using excess water to achieve higher slumps can cause shrinkage cracks, crazing cracks, surface scaling, dusting, and reduced strength and durability.
  • Concrete Joints: Joints are recommended for all slabs. The National Ready Mix Concrete Association recommends maximum joint spacing of 24 to 26 times the slab thickness, not to exceed 15 feet. Panels should be square with length not exceeding width by more than a factor of 1.5. All concrete is susceptible to cracking, especially exterior concrete exposed to temperature changes and weather. Contraction and control joints should be used to control the location of this cracking. Cut joints must be installed as soon as possible after final set to ensure proper function.
  • Ground Preparation: Concrete should be placed on moist ground with a surface temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Ground should never be muddy, frozen, or in a condition where truck tires cause significant indentations. However, the ground should also be damp to prevent rapid moisture loss from the concrete. Grading should produce a slab of uniform thickness.
  • Access to Worksite: Purchaser must provide a safe and easy access to the work site in order to prevent damages and delays. Blalock cannot be responsible for underground lines, septic tanks, or overhanging limbs or wires. Expense of pulling a mired trucks to safety and repairing any damage to the property or to Blalock equipment will be borne by the purchaser.
  • Proper Curing: Concrete must be properly cured to prevent rapid loss of moisture due to extremes of temperature, humidity, and wind. Concrete that is not properly cured will be subject to excessive cracking, scaling, dusting, etc.
  • Finishing: Proper and timely finishing of concrete is critical. Excessive floating and troweling can negatively impact concrete durability. Proper grades must be maintained to insure proper drainage. Never apply dry cement to the top of fresh concrete to accelerate finishing.
  • Ordering: Orders should be placed well in advance of the desired delivery date. Specify areas to be covered, intended use, and strength desired.

WARNING: Concrete contains Portland cement, which can be irritating to the skin and eyes. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged exposure to skin. Wear rubber boots and gloves. In case of contact with skin or eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, get medical attention. Keep away from children.

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