Blalock Training Program

A strong team is constantly learning, which is why we’re invested in providing regular training for our people. Whether it’s getting up to speed on safety best practices or mastering the latest trade technique, we offer outlets for all levels of education.

Effective training is the backbone of our “zero accident culture”

New text will be written for this introduction paragraph. Here is the old text: Training and education will always be an ongoing process for employees at all levels. The Blalock Training Program was developed to provide training and education to employees in an effort to maintain a skilled workforce committed to safety and believing that all accidents are preventable. Training is administered by internal trainers as well as external trainers, consultants, government agencies, and other industry experts.

training requirements

The Blalock Training Academy consists of the following courses, descriptions, frequency of training and attendees:

  • Annual Training
  • 2 Year Training
  • 3 Year Training
  • 4 Year Training
  • Specialty Training
  • Training Electives
  1. Annual Refresher Training (ART) for each work division Safety, environmental, and skill training tailored to each work area
  2. Light Fleet Training
  3. Hazmat Training (DOT Requirements)
  4. Substance Abuse
  5. Respiratory Training
  6. Basic Traffic Control
  7. Cranes (Site, Setup, Rigging, Lift Requirements)
  8. MSHA Part 46 Training
  1. First Aid / CPR / Bloodborne Pathogens
  2. Excavation / Trench – Competent Person Training
  3. Confined Space – Competent Person Training
  4. Fall Protection – Competent Person Training
  1. Forklifts / Aerial Lifts / Front Loaders
  2. Heavy Equipment Safety
  3. Erosion Sediment Control (Level 1) (3 Year Certification)
  1. OSHA 10 HR
  2. Worksite Supervisor Traffic Control (4 Year Certification)
  1. Hazwoper (Project Specific Requirements)
  2. National Commission on Certified Crane Operator (NCCCO)
  3. Explosive & Blasting Safety (4 Year License Renewal Requirements)
  4. ACI Level 1 Concrete Field Technician

The following courses are electives that may be scheduled as recommended by the Blalock Safety Department. Recommendations will be made based the company’s safety performance observed during site inspections, incident trends and claim cost.

  1. Focus 4 Hazards
  2. Strain & Sprain Injury Prevention
  3. Accident Investigations
  4. Emergency Action Plans & Crisis Management
  5. Claim Prevention Management

Mark III Driving Simulator

As part of the Blalock Training Program classes, Blalock Companies drivers receive advanced training in our Mark III driving simulator. The simulator, designed by L3 Communications, is motion based and combines a fully functional truck cab with digital technology much like a flight simulator. The digital displays provide a 180-degree field of vision as well as monitors to simulator side mirrors.

Drivers participate in several different training series in the simulator that focus on good decision making and mental aspects of driving. The simulator operator can also challenge the driver by controlling obstacles in the environment, such as pedestrians and other vehicles, or by changing the weather conditions. The operator can even simulate mechanical issues to challenge the driver’s ability to adapt in an emergency. The risk-free, virtual environment of the simulator allows Blalock drivers to perfect their skills before they are challenged on the road, reducing the risk of accidents and injury.

Our Story

We believe that hard work and integrity are the foundation of a strong organization. For more than 80 years, we’ve been committed to bringing prosperity to our employees, clients, and community through our work in the construction industry. Our values have helped us grow from the ground up, guiding us as we’ve expanded from a single employee to more than 700 strong. But our story isn’t inspired by numbers; it’s influenced by people. It starts with one man’s mission and continues with a thriving enterprise that has helped shape the progress of an entire region. We’ve built our story–now let us build yours.