Our People

We believe that our work is only as strong as the people behind it. As industry leaders in workplace safety, our dedication to providing a productive, positive environment is second to none. Ready to join us?

“I Am Blalock”

We put our people first—period. Whether in the office or on the jobsite,
our team’s stories are what build the backbone of Blalock.

“I’ve worked with a lot of different supervisors over the years, especially when I worked in the grade division. Everyone has always been great to work for and treated their crews like family. That’s important when we spend so much time together.” - Lynn Jones, Dump Truck Driver

Lynn has worked with Blalock for 11 years. Her first role on a grading crew involved driving articulated 40-ton trucks. Later, she move moved on to the dump truck division. Lynn currently drives stock trucks for the Pigeon Forge concrete plant, moving sand and gravel to supply our busiest plant.

“Blalock’s has been a great place to work. I’ve had the opportunity to work in several different positions in the company, and I like the chance to work with many different crews and customers on many different kinds of jobs. It’s always nice to look around our community and be able to say, ‘I helped build that.’” - James Moulden, Heavy Equipment Operator in Grading Division

James has worked with Charles Blalock and Sons and Blalock Lumber Company for more than 22 years. He works as a Heavy Equipment Operator and is a Sevier County native.

“I like the variety of my job. Every day has its own unique problems to solve. When you’re dealing with so many variables that you can’t really control, like traffic and weather, you have to stay on your toes to keep the operations running smoothly. It’s always a puzzle to solve, but our customers count on us to figure it out. They know that we can find a way to serve their job regardless of the challenges.” - Bill McNabb, Ready Mix Truck Dispatcher

A Sevier County native, Bill started with Blalock’s dump truck division in 2004 before transferring to his Ready Mix Dispatcher position in 2012. As a Dispatcher, his role involves assigning trucks to Ready Mix orders and ticketing the trucks for loading at various concrete plants throughout Sevier County. He is also responsible for monitoring traffic patterns and efficiency to continuously adjust the concrete delivery schedule to ensure on-time deliveries.

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Our Story

We believe that hard work and integrity are the foundation of a strong organization. For more than 80 years, we’ve been committed to bringing prosperity to our employees, clients, and community through our work in the construction industry. Our values have helped us grow from the ground up, guiding us as we’ve expanded from a single employee to more than 700 strong. But our story isn’t inspired by numbers; it’s influenced by people. It starts with one man’s mission and continues with a thriving enterprise that has helped shape the progress of an entire region. We’ve built our story–now let us build yours.