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We put our people first—period. Whether in the office or on the jobsite, our team’s stories are what build the backbone of Blalock.

Lynn Jones headshot

Dump Truck Driver

Lynn Jones

“I’ve worked with a lot of different supervisors over the years, especially when I worked in the grade division. Everyone has always been great to work for and treated their crews like family. That’s important when we spend so much time together.”

Lynn has worked with Blalock for 11 years. Her first role on a grading crew involved driving articulated 40-ton trucks. Later, she move moved on to the dump truck division. Lynn currently drives stock trucks for the Pigeon Forge concrete plant, moving sand and gravel to supply our busiest plant.

James Moulden headshot.

Heavy Equipment Operator in Grading Division

James Moulden

“Blalock’s has been a great place to work. I’ve had the opportunity to work in several different positions in the company, and I like the chance to work with many different crews and customers on many different kinds of jobs. It’s always nice to look around our community and be able to say, ‘I helped build that.’”

James has worked with Charles Blalock and Sons and Blalock Lumber Company for more than 22 years. He works as a Heavy Equipment Operator and is a Sevier County native.

Tracy Knight headshot

Ready Mix Customer Service

Tracy Knight

“Every day in the concrete business brings a new set of challenges. We deal with a lot different types of customers, from home owners doing their own projects to large contractors, and they all count on us to help their jobs run smoothly. Even after all these years with the company, I still enjoy solving problems for our customers and helping them complete their projects.”

If you’ve ordered concrete in Sevier County, you’ve probably talked to Tracy Knight. He has been with Blalock Ready Mix for over 30 years, since he and Blanche Blalock dispatched our first plant from a single-room building. Today, his job involves taking customer orders and managing our overall schedule for concrete deliveries.

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