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What Guides Us

Our mission is to meet your expectations safely and efficiently. For more than 80 years, we’ve been committed to bringing prosperity to our employees, clients, and community by honoring our guiding principles.

  1. We Focus on You

  2. We build strong partnerships to determine customer expectations. We achieve customer satisfaction by delivering the expected products and services on time and within budget.

  3. We Strive for Measurable Improvement

  4. We encourage initiative and innovation. We seek out and apply progressive technology to build for tomorrow and best serve our customers today.

  5. We Work as a Team

  6. We foster team building, practice effective communications, and encourage openness and candor.

  7. People Are Our Greatest Strength

  8. We invest in our team’s professional development. We insist on safety, integrity, accountability, and professional competence.

  9. Professional Ethics Guide Our Decisions

  10. We address both the economic and environmental consequences of our decisions. We conduct our business to maintain the public trust and the respect of our customers.

  11. We’re One of the Best Construction Organizations in Business Today

  12. Our integrity, passion, and commitment to quality drives our success.

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