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The Foothills Parkway in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of several federal scenic highways authorized by Congress in the early twentieth century. Currently, the parkway extends from Fontana, North Carolina to Wears Valley in Tennessee and from Cosby, Tennessee to the crest of Green Mountain.

Blalock has been instrumental in several phases of this project and has acted as general contractor for the construction of four bridges in the Wears Valley section of the parkway. More recently, our team supplied over 20,000 cubic yards of high-performance concrete for the construction of six bridges along the Missing Link section of parkway above Wears Valley and Townsend, Tennessee. These bridges, which were a major hurdle to completing the link from Walland to Wears Valley, provide the most scenic views along this section of the parkway.

In 2018, Charles Blalock and Sons completed a subcontract for paving and asphalt supply for the final contract of the Wears Valley to Walland section. In November, this section of the parkway, including the Missing Link, was opened to the public more than 34 years after construction began in Wears Valley.
Additionally, our team has completed several other projects throughout the Foothills Parkway, including repaving, concrete repairs, and wildfire remediation from Walland to Fontana and along the Gatlinburg Bypass.

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