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The Old Mill Dam Rehabilitation

Built in the early 1800’s, the Old Mill has long served as the center of the community in Pigeon Forge. Powered by the Little Pigeon River, the mills water wheel still powers grinding stones for the production of corn and grain products and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sevier County.

In 2015, Charles Blalock and Sons completed an extensive rehabilitation to the face and top of the dam that supplies water to the mill’s water wheel. Working at night to minimize traffic disruptions in Old Mill Square, crews utilized specialty shotcrete mixes supplied by Blalock Ready Mix to construct a new face and top across the entire width of the dam. Additional steel reinforcement was also added to areas of the dam that are vulnerable to debris strikes during flood events. Work was completed during low flow times in the fall, allowing crews to access the work site from head and tail water areas utilizing scaffolding and cranes. The entire face of the dam was hand troweled to provide a smooth finish since the surface is usually visible through the water. In order to minimize the impact to the mill and its production schedule, the entire project was completed in less than 72 hours.

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