Asphalt and Aggregate

Our Asphalt and Aggregate Services

Asphalt Paving

Blalock offers a complete suite of paving services including grading and base preparations, paving, concrete curbing, and sidewalks. With more than 50 years experience in residential paving, our crews understand the unique needs of jobs that require a deep attention to aesthetic details for custom and high-end applications. Our turnkey solutions for grading and paving residential driveways use compact equipment designed for smaller jobs. Most importantly, our dedicated residential estimators to meet with homeowners to explain all our techniques and options.


We offer sand, coarse aggregates, and even fill dirt for use on your residential project. Decorative river rock for landscaping is also available for finishing touches. For hard to reach areas, we also offer aggregate deliveries in conveyor-equipped concrete mixer trucks and rock slingers, which can place stone on grade up to 60 feet away from the truck.

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Highest Level of Quality Control & Research

Our quality control staff maintains labs at our facilities, ensuring a quality product every time. Our commitment to continual improvements means that our QC staff not only tests our end products but also conducts laboratory research for new product development.

Best-in-Class Fleet

Our robust fleet of GPS-dispatched dump trucks ensures a steady flow of rock and asphalt materials to our paving crew.

Blalock Construction did a fantastic job on helping us determine our best options for improving our steep mountain driveway. They worked very hard to give us the best paving job possible. BILL H.
Gatlinburg, TN
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We believe that hard work and integrity are the foundation of a strong organization. For more than 80 years, we’ve been committed to bringing prosperity to our employees, clients, and community through our work in the construction industry. Our values have helped us grow from the ground up, guiding us as we’ve expanded from a single employee to more than 700 strong. But our story isn’t inspired by numbers; it’s influenced by people. It starts with one man’s mission and continues with a thriving enterprise that has helped shape the progress of an entire region. We’ve built our story–now let us build yours.